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Martin Bosslet

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Martin has been working with cryptography, security and PKI for over a

He served as principal consultant for Electronic Signature Service Infrastructure (ESSI), a platform provided by the European Commission for creating, extending, and validating electronic document signatures.  As an independent consultant he helped start-up and enterprise clients to realize their vision – from creating a robo advisor platform fora financial startup, an online digital signature service for a CA, implementing a HIPAA-compliant chat application for a medical startup, or improving the security of email systems used by governmental authorities.

He likes to share his passion at local and international conferences or at one of his regular workshops with diverse topics such as cryptography,  git, Rails, JavaScript or web development in general.

Martin is interested in all programming languages, but his passion is the Ruby language.  He's a member of the Ruby core team, a maintainer for Ruby's cryptography library and received one of the first two Ruby Association Grants for his project krypt.

He received his M.S. in Mathematics and Informatics from TU Kaiserslautern, Germany.