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Denise Lux

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Being naturally astute in design, architecture and pattern recognition as a young child in Silicon Valley, from building complex street structures to dollhouses with found materials, to beating top chess and strategic game players in her tech family at the match game, Denise has laid awake at night imagining the patterns of story and design of just about everything that has interested her since she can remember.


Bring that to the table now at the forefront of design and technology, and Denise is like a mad scientist with concept drawings all over her studio, mockups, specifications and stories that are being explored, designed, developed, tested and used.


Couple that with a futuristic vision for new global paradigms of the digital world, and she’s on fire with a team that feeds her, and that she also nourishes in a Win-Win collaborative environment.


As an Agile Product Owner, Authenticity Entrepreneur, and Art and Experience Director, Denise helps conceptualize, direct, and catalyze ideas into experiences that are easy to use, aesthetically gentle, pleasing, even enjoyable.


Denise is a world and life explorer, she is a secret sauce in several industries, whose cheffing may soon be revealed.


Experience Designer and Art Director of Technology and Humanitarian projects, Denise receives direct inspiration in her life by basking in the light of the sun, stars, and moon, enjoying elemental nature, dancing and singing her heart to life, contemplative meditating and visualizing, and surfing the Zuvuya. She calls our human embodiment Multimedia Instruments of our own Architecture and Design and has lectured on our life bodies as multimedia information systems.


B.A. Philosophy of Mind

M.A. Philosophy of Consciousness

1996 - 2016 - Experience, Design, Technology, Pioneer, Nomad