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Lucinda Booth

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Lucinda graduated cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Behavior.  While there she participated in several research symposia, presenting her own research on topics as varied as neural mechanisms of drug craving in the adolescent brain to an analysis of religious metaphor in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.  

After a career in neuroscience research, she put her skills to work in the world of online spaces, where we spend a growing portion of our lives.  The digital world is burgeoning with new inhabitants every day, which makes it an environment rife with and susceptible to the same struggles as a densely populated physical community that has grown beyond the vision of its good-natured founders, and beyond the limits of its own governance.  While the majority of digital inhabitants are honest folk, the growing contingency of malevolents wreak havoc.  

Governance is not the answer.  

Lucinda first transitioned from digital inhabitant to digital activist in 1982, joining the ranks of Delphi, formerly located in Cambridge MA and later sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  It was with Delphi that she first experienced the power of accountable anonymity in a digital space, and has continued to campaign for the same in every digital space ever since.  In 1993, she joined forces with The Village Group, building safe and secure online spaces for co-located physical populations, as well as geographically diverse populations connected by vocation or a commonly held set of beliefs.  In each Village, the identity of an inhabitant was made known at the discretion of the inhabitant – at the same time, every inhabitant was accountable for their own actions within the community.  Accountable anonymity functions much like your license plate: it maintains your anonymity on the roads, but also provides accountability for your actions on those roads.  

In her most recent post with Reliable Identities, Lucinda continues to strive for a safe and secure online spaces, free from the plagues that come with hoards of unidentified inhabitants.  She envisions a digital world where you would safely let your kids run free – a place where reliable identity is the foundation of security and accountable anonymity is the reality.