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About Reliable Identities, Inc.

As data breaches and identity thefts become commonplace, it is obvious to all of us that the central premise of information security technology is fatally flawed.  Even people in the security technology industry will tell you that there are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don't know they have been hacked - admitting that current security technology can't possibly do it's job! 

While information security technology gets increasing scrutiny, identity seems to be the new buzzword.  We have long held that “Identity is the Foundation of Security” and the world is starting to listen. 

In spite of that intuitive feeling about the importance of identity, the connection between identity and security is not often understood. That's because the boundaries of the organization have extended well beyond the user credentials that are issued by the organization itself.  The network perimeter now includes employees of suppliers, distributors, contractors and others.  As we become more digitally savvy, our own users include a higher and higher percentage of participants from outside our own network, with credentials issued outside our domain of control.

What is still missing in this conversation is that in order for our digital spaces to function, with a means to protect privacy while ensuring accountability, we must operate on the premise of Authenticity. Because Authenticity works where security technology has failed us.

We Are Experts In Identity

Identity is the fact of being who a person claims to be, or what a thing claims to be.  The team of experts at Reliable Identities has been in the business of building secure spaces and providing accountable anonymity in the digital world since the early 1980's (yes, you read that right.) Our team draws upon a deep well of knowledge and skill, in the form of some devastatingly talented individuals.