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Welcome to Reliable Identities
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Security is Knowing with Measurable Certainty

Know at a glance to what degree an identity can be trusted.
You must have RELIABLE identities before you can MANAGE them.

We're passionate about AUTHENTICITY

At Reliable Identities, we believe in a better future.  A future free of cyberattacks, malware, online predation, data breaches, identity theft and the other plagues of inauthenticity.  We're passionate about making your network a safe and secure place for you, your employees and the many people in your network that are not your own employees.  Why?  Because we spend more and more of our lives in the digital world - a world which doesn't have measures built in that ensure our safety and protect our identity.  What the digital world desperately needs is Authenticity.  We have the solution, and we're excited to bring it to you.

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Full Service Consulting

The sea of products and services available in the info sec industry is mind-boggling. Trust us, we live there.  Whether you need an expert to come along side your IT group to bolster an existing IDAM solution, or build a customized solution from the ground up, we can help. We will perform an in-depth analysis of your organization - your digital assets, your internal and external networks, your users - and determine which, if any, out-of-the-box solution would be best for your particular needs. And if none exist, we'll build it for you, without sacrificing productivity or user experience.

Top Notch Identity Processing Tools

Simple single sign-on, instant authentication, point-to-point encryption, API integration.  Our tools are easy to use, customizable to any organization, and allow you to know with measurable certainly that your network users are really who they say they are.

Easy, Flexible Enrollments

Whether you've got highly sensitive assets that will require a $1M bond and several levels of biometric data for each person that needs access, or you just want to make sure those Vegas pictures don't go viral, there is an enrollment procedure that will meet your needs.  We take your privacy and your security as seriously as you do.  Probably more so. 


What is Identity Processing?

Identity Processing is the term that collectively describes the systems and services that automate enrollment, verification, authentication, and signature of a digital identity credential in trust transactions. 

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a mathematical transaction that demonstrates the authenticity of a digital communication or document.  Digital signatures provide authentication, legal non-repudiation, and integrous continuity of the message or document.

What is IDQA?

A digital identity is practically worthless unless it can be demonstrated with measurable certainty that the person is who they say they are. An Identity Quality Assurance (IDQA) score assigns a numeric value to a digital identity - allowing you, as the relying party, to know at a glance to what degree the identity can be trusted.

Isn't my password enough?

Consider that head honchos in the info sec industry have said themselves that there are two kinds of companies in the world: those that have been hacked, and those that don't KNOW they've been hacked.  We don't want to burst the disillusionment bubble here, but without encryption, your password is so easily stolen it's best to think of it as a security blanky you might've had as a child.  It won't do much to protect you, but it sure makes you feel better to have it. 

What is Data Encryption?

Data encryption is the process by which data is transformed into secret cipher text via one or more hashing algorithms.  Symmetric encryption uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt.  Asymmetric encryption uses one key to encrypt and a different key to decrypt.

In other words, unless you've been granted permission by the author to read an encrypted document or email, all you'll see is gibberish.  To outrageously oversimplify, data encryption = your control over who sees what.

Conversion of data into code for compression (with compression algorithm) or for confidentiality or security (with encryption algorithm).

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Conversion of data into code for compression (with compression algorithm) or for confidentiality or security (with encryption algorithm).

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